Signs You Have Brake Problems

What Are Your Brakes Telling You? — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Nobody wants to hear their vehicle making strange noises or feel the odd sensations it’s producing. It is, however, your auto’s way of talking to you. When it comes to your brakes, your safety may depend upon your ability to understand what your car is […]

How Braking Works

How Does My Car Stop?: Braking System Components — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Transportation has come a long way, so most of us take for granted our stopping ability when we press the brake pedal. Although that’s the way it should be, and your brakes should be reliable. However, it’s helpful to understand your vehicle’s braking […]

Can Your Brakes Stop Your Car Safely?

Good Brakes Stop Cars Faster Whether you’re gearing up for a road trip or speeding down the highway on a daily commute, be sure your car is safe. Worn-out brake pads increase the distance needed to stop safely, particularly when your vehicle is traveling at high speeds. Learn more about braking distance and the importance […]

How Fast Can Your Car Stop?

What To Expect Driving In Inclimate Weather Modern vehicle brakes are much better than they were decades ago, but that doesn’t mean you can tailgate the vehicle in front of you and remain safe. Every vehicle has a minimum stopping distance, especially if it’s overdue for brake repair or has other mechanical issues. It’s important […]

Brake Parts

Understanding the Braking System & Repair Do you know how your car’s brakes work? A basic understanding can help you when it’s time for brake repair, so you can make sure the technician of your choice is giving you an accurate and fair repair estimate. If you visit Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Round Rock, Texas, […]