Brake Repair: Understanding Brake Service

What is Brake Service?

Obviously, you count on your brakes to stop your vehicle every time you drive. They're important for slowing down your car in routine driving conditions such as making a turn into your driveway or stopping at the end of your street before pulling out into traffic. They're critical for stopping quickly in an emergency. Therefore, if you could speak to your brakes and have them understand, you might ask them to please respect your need to stop. What you might not realize, however, is that they might also ask you to please respect their need for service. At Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Round Rock, Texas, we understand the messages coming from both you and your brakes. We're ready to provide exceptional customer service to you and reliable brake repair for your automobile.

What is Meant By the Term "Brake Service"

Brake service is a broad term that refers to all the mechanical needs of your braking system. When you bring your auto to our shop for this visit, an ASE certified technician will inspect the various braking components to be sure they're in good working order. Specifically, he or she will examine the calipers, rotors, brake pads, and clips. This is done to check for damage as well as general wear. For example, brake pads are a consumable item. With use, they wear away over time and will eventually need to be replaced. Your technician will also check for brake fluid leaks. This is important because your vehicle relies on hydraulic fluid force to operate the system. We'll discuss any findings with you to let you know whether your brakes are good to go a bit farther or whether it's time to make a repair. As you approve and schedule, our team will then fix any ailments with your brakes to ensure that you're safe when you get back on the road.

Reading the Signs

Although it's a wise practice to have your brakes inspected routinely (at least once per year), there are some signs you may observe that should prompt you to seek attention soon for your brakes. One clear indicator is an illuminated dashboard brake light. This warning lamp can indicate a variety of problems from simple to complex, so we'll need to check your car to determine the exact problem. Also, screeching, squealing, or grinding when you apply brakes tells you that it's time for service. Finally, any unusual feelings such as a spongy/"soft" brake pedal or pulling to one side as you brake signals a need to have the brakes checked. If you're noticing any of these potential warning signs, turn in when you see the sign for Dave's Ultimate Automotive so that we can help you with brake service and repair.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive