Your Car Care Checklist

Your Car Care Checklist — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Car care and preventive maintenance services are crucial to the safety and longevity of your auto. Vehicles that are well taken care of are at a decreased risk for accidents caused by mechanical failures and at increased odds of outlasting those that aren’t. While it would, therefore,

Sprinter Van Maintenance

What Should I Know About Sprinter Maintenance? — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Your Sprinter van is special. After all, it’s a large Mercedes-Benz. Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s anything special you should know about its maintenance. Yes. Although some service points are common to all vehicles, the Sprinter has some unique points that should be watched

Signs You Have Brake Problems

What Are Your Brakes Telling You? — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Nobody wants to hear their vehicle making strange noises or feel the odd sensations it’s producing. It is, however, your auto’s way of talking to you. When it comes to your brakes, your safety may depend upon your ability to understand what your car is

Why Maintenance Matters

Why Maintenance Matters — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive It’s tempting to delay getting preventive services for your vehicle. You’re busy. The budget is tight this month. Your car brand is known for running nearly forever. In reality, that’s a bad choice. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you’ll need to properly maintain it. Otherwise,

Diving Into Clutch Repair

Your Clutch Replacement Guide — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive If you were a driver in the 1960s, chances are you were a backyard mechanic or at least acquainted with one who knew exactly what to do if a car’s clutch wore out. Why? As a society, we did more maintenance tasks ourselves, and most vehicles had