How Braking Works

How Does My Car Stop?: Braking System Components — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Transportation has come a long way, so most of us take for granted our stopping ability when we press the brake pedal. Although that’s the way it should be, and your brakes should be reliable. However, it’s helpful to understand your vehicle’s braking

Car Care Tips

Do You Have Any Tips For Caring For My Car? — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Understandably, everybody wants to save money, particularly when the economy takes a downturn. Your vehicle is likely one of your larger investments, so you need to protect it. You may feel the need to watch the bottom line. Perhaps these two

Hybrid Batteries 101

Information Charging Station: What You Need to Know About Hybrid Batteries — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive If you’re on your second hybrid vehicle, you’re an “old pro” by now. Still, if you’re just getting into an alternative to the traditionally powered car, you may be seeking information. You know that your new auto is designed to

Common BMW Electrical Problems

Should I Be Aware Of Any Common Electrical Problems In My BMW? — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive If you own a BMW, you probably already know how great it is. This brand is known for its style, luxury, and performance, viewed by many car enthusiasts as a real jewel. As with any make and model auto,

Go Local for Audi Repair

Does It Matter Where I Take My Audi For Service And Repair? — Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Whether you purchased new or used, you’re probably thrilled with your Audi. Now you’re wondering where to get service and repair. Can you take your car just anywhere, or is it important to use a local Audi provider? Yes,