Brake Parts

Understanding the Braking System & Repair

Do you know how your car’s brakes work? A basic understanding can help you when it’s time for brake repair, so you can make sure the technician of your choice is giving you an accurate and fair repair estimate. If you visit Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Round Rock, Texas, you’ll always know that you’re receiving the best possible care, especially for brake repairs!

The brakes are a system of parts that work together to stop the car smoothly and quickly. If one of these components is worn or damaged, your vehicle’s stopping power may suffer. You might hear loud squeaking or grinding while braking, or you might notice that it takes more pressure to engage the brake pedal. These are all signs that you need to visit a professional for brake repair straight away! To help you decide when it’s time to call in the experts, here’s a summary of the major brake parts.

Brake Pads

Your car’s braking power is greatly affected by the thickness of the brake pads. These parts wear out over time from continued friction, and when they get thin, your car won’t stop as safely. At that time, it’s important to find high-quality replacements. There are various kinds of pads to choose from -- including non-asbestos organic (NAO), semi-metallic, and ceramic. Each have their own benefits and applications for different driving needs. An expert can help you find the right set for your specific vehicle.

Brake Rotors

While technicians replace brake pads, they should take a close look at the brake rotors. These parts are integral to a safe braking system and should always be in good condition. When you have to replace your brake rotors, always go with a high-quality option. Economic alternatives are made of weak materials, which causes them to overheat and warp quickly. You’ll end up replacing them more often than if you just got high-quality ones the first time.

Brake Calipers

The calipers don’t usually need to be replaced as often as the pads or rotors, but if they are leaking or damaged, it’s a good idea to repair them. If the calipers aren’t pinned properly, they can cause noisy, uneven brake pad wear. Sometimes installing new pins is the only thing you need to do to restore optimal brake performance. Make sure that your technician inspects the calipers during your brake service!

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Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive