Can Your Brakes Stop Your Car Safely?

Good Brakes Stop Cars Faster

Whether you’re gearing up for a road trip or speeding down the highway on a daily commute, be sure your car is safe. Worn-out brake pads increase the distance needed to stop safely, particularly when your vehicle is traveling at high speeds. Learn more about braking distance and the importance of prompt brake repair services in Round Rock, Texas.

How Long Does It Take To Stop a Car?

As you increase your speed, your vehicle requires exponentially more time to safely stop. For example, traveling 60 miles an hour and coming to a complete stop requires 60 feet. Traveling at 80 miles requires up to 178 feet of stopping distance.

Even if your brakes seem completely reliable at low speeds, high-speed commutes can put your vehicle at risk. Look for signs of worn-out brakes before you frequently travel on the highway or other fast commutes.

Dangers of Worn-Out Brakes

This means that traveling fast on the highways can be more dangerous than a slower commute. Your stopping distance is increased even more as your brakes wear out. Brake pads are exposed to intense heat and friction, so your pads can wear out quickly. If you’re traveling at high speeds frequently, you need to make sure your brakes are equipped to handle rapid stops in the event of an emergency.

Signs You Need Brake Repair Services

Take a minute to check your brakes. Here are some common signs that it’s time to swap out your worn-out brake pads:

  • Grinding or squealing sounds
  • Reduced braking power
  • Burning smells

Other brake issues could reduce your braking power, like an unresponsive brake pedal or sticking brakes. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to take your car to a local, reliable auto shop.

Enjoy Quality Repairs Today

In Round Rock, Texas, Dave’s Ultimate Automotive is a leader in reliable, affordable services. Don’t let worn-out brake pads put you at risk of a sudden collision or other accident. Schedule a service today to learn out ASE-certified technicians can assist you in identifying any brake issues you may have. Enjoy superior service and unbeatable quality as you maintain your vehicle and stay safe on the highway.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive