The 5 Things You Need to Check on Your Car This Spring

Spring has sprung! As we are emerging from a rather rough winter, it’s time to gear up for the spring and summer months ahead. One of the most important things to get ready for warmer weather is your automobile.

our car, pickup truck, SUV, minivan or hybrid vehicle took a beating this winter, so it’s time to give it the TLC it deserves. In addition to washing and spring-cleaning your car, make sure you run through this checklist of spring auto maintenance services to ensure that your vehicle will be just as ready for summer as you are!

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The Spring Car Maintenance Checklist 

1. Check your car battery.

Ever notice how it takes your vehicle an extra second to start-up when it’s cold outside? That’s because the winter weather is hard on your starter and alternator, so your car’s battery has to work harder to get your vehicle going. When springtime rolls around, it’s important that you test your car’s battery to make sure it has enough juice left. We’re happy to test it for you here at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive if you’re in the Austin or Pflugerville area, or your local Auto Zone or CarQuest store can do it for you as well.

2. Check tire tread and inflation.

Your car’s tires have to work harder in the winter with colder temperatures, salt and ice on the roads. Check to make sure you have enough tread left on your tires by doing the Abe Lincoln penny test. Put a penny with Abe’s head facing down into the groove of your tires. If his head is not covered at all by your tire, then your tread is worn down too low and you need to buy new tires. Also check your tire inflation to make sure there is enough air in your tires. The changing temperatures can cause the air molecules to contract or expand, changing your tire pressure.

3. Check the windshield wipers.

Don’t get caught in April showers with bad windshield wipers. Check to make sure your windshield wipers are working properly and not leaving streaks. Oftentimes drivers won’t think about this important car maintenance service until it’s actually raining outside and they can’t see the road. Do yourself a favor and replace bad windshield wipers this spring so you don’t get caught unprepared.

4. Check your vehicle’s air conditioning.

Here is Austin, TX, it’s going to be hot very soon – you’ll want your car’s A/C to be working for sure! Turn your air conditioning on full blast and make sure that your vehicle gets cold relatively quickly. What people don’t realize is that your car’s A/C system isn’t just for your comfort, it also helps keep your engine cool in the hot summer months.

5. Get your car’s brakes checked.

This is probably the most important spring maintenance check. Your anti-lock brake system works overtime in the winter, so it’s important to ensure that it is running properly. If you notice any squeaking or grinding noises as you brake, if it becomes harder to brake (you have to push the pedal down more), or your car pulls to one side or the other while braking, you need to take your car in for a professional brake check from your trusted auto repair shop right away. (For more information about when to get your brakes looked at, check out our blog post Signs Your Car Needs Repair ASAP.)

Check off these five car maintenance services this spring and your vehicle will be as ready for this warmer weather as you! If you need help with any of these auto services, the expert mechanics at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive are always happy to help. Simply stop by, give us a call or easily schedule an appointment online today and we will take care of the rest quickly and easily. We’re dedicated to making sure you and your family stay safe on the road this spring!


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