Are You Using the Right Kind of Gas in Your Car?

Are you sure you’re putting the right type of gasoline in your car? Most gas stations carry three types of gas (not including diesel): Regular, Midgrade and Premium. Chances are, you haven’t given much thought to the type of gas you’re putting in your car since you first bought it. And if you bought your automobile several years ago, it’s probably time to double check and make sure your feeding it the right fuel! The team at has created a great infographic using information from to help you see which car makes and models should be using which fuel grade. As you can see, it’s typically the higher end luxury model or performance vehicles that require the Premium gasoline, while very few automobiles these days recommend the Midgrade. Are you using the right gas for your car? While it’s possible to get away with using a lower fuel grade of gasoline in your vehicle, it’s not something that we recommend. Using the wrong gas in your car lowers its fuel efficiency and can cause harmful deposits to build up quicker in your engine. Using the wrong fuel also lowers your power output, and what’s the point in driving a high performance vehicle if it’s not performing to the best of its abilities? The safest thing to do is use the correct gas for your specific vehicle and enjoy the open road.

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Written by Dave Erb