7 Little Things That Can Do Big Damage to Your Cars Paint

You’re quick to protect your car’s paint job from stray shopping carts and careless door dings, but these aren’t the only things that can damage that shiny exterior. Your car’s shiny exterior has many other enemies that are flying under the radar! Check out this list of the 7 most common, seemingly innocent things that can damage that perfect paint job. Seagull's plotting to poop on a clean car

7 Little Things That Can Cause Big Damage to Your Cars Paint Job

1.  Coffee. Coffee and soda contain acids that can harm your vehicle’s paint. If you spill either of these liquids on the outside of your car, make sure you wash it off immediately.  2.  Gasoline. Think gas doesn’t get on your car’s paint job? How about last time you topped off at the pump or fueled up in a hurry, did any of that gasoline splash anywhere? A gas stain is almost impossible to get off if it sets in, so if you spill any wipe it off immediately with instant detailer and a microfiber cloth. 3.  Bird Poop. Bird poop is both gross and acidic. Don’t let it sit for days on your automobile’s paint. 4.  Bugs Guts. Bug guts are unavoidable, and yes, acidic as well. If you’ve ever waited too long before washing them off your car’s grill, you’ve experienced how tricky they can be to get off once they’ve been there a while. Don’t delay, get those buggers off today! 5.  Tree Sap. Did you know tree sap used to be used as glue? It’s super sticky and bonds to just about everything! Instead of just trying to wipe it off and getting an even bigger, sticky mess, try using bug and tar remover to dissolve the tree sap. 6.  Writing ‘WASH ME.’ Yes, it’s hilarious. No, your car’s paint does not agree. Using your finger to write messages or draw pictures on a dirty car can leave a lasting image. The dirt is abrasive like sand paper and can end up leaving a permanent mark. 7.  Sprinklers. When you park next to a sprinkler, eventually that sprinkler will go off and the water will dry. This water can leave behind ugly spots and minerals that bond with your vehicle’s paint. Not such a great look to come back to.

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Written by Dave Erb