Your Car Care Checklist

Your Car Care Checklist -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Car care and preventive maintenance services are crucial to the safety and longevity of your auto. Vehicles that are well taken care of are at a decreased risk for accidents caused by mechanical failures and at increased odds of outlasting those that aren't. While it would, therefore, seem to be a simple decision to take care of your vehicle, it may feel a bit overwhelming to attend to so many details. The answer? Use a checklist. Whether you do this on paper or electronically, keeping up with what services should be or were completed. Also, keep track of what date and at what mileage maintenance is needed takes the burden off your memory. Bringing your car to Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Pflugerville, Texas, further eases your load. We'll not only perform the services for you, but we'll keep a record as well, greatly simplifying your checklist.

Important Inspection and Maintenance Points

Although there are too many services and inspection points to list here, we'd like to remind you of a few that will be most beneficial to you s you begin making your list. For instance, make sure regular oil change is among the items. Motor oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine, preventing them from self-destructing due to friction. It also removes some of the heat that might allow parts to warp and hauls away dirt particles that can damage the engine. If the oil ages beyond its useful life, it can't perform these tasks well and may allow sludge to form. Also, have your brakes inspected regularly. If parts are worn, have them replaced. You wouldn't want brake wear to turn into brake failure, and perhaps even a deadly crash.

Check other safety features routinely, as well. These include your windshield wiper blades and lights. You wouldn't want to find out these aren't working properly in a pouring rainstorm or on a very dark night. Tires, too, should be on the checklist. Air pressure and tread wear should be monitored often, and they also need periodic rotating and balancing. Finally, keep a check on your auto body. Removing salt after a snowstorm (when roads are usually brined), for instance, will help head off rust.

Let Us Help You With Checking Off Your List

Proper car care can keep your vehicle running well and safe for a long time. Even better news, you don't have to stress about maintenance services. Our ASE-certified technicians at Dave's Ultimate Automotive have experience with any make or model. We can help you put together the checklist items and frequency that are most appropriate for your vehicle and driving habits. If we make repairs, we back them with an outstanding 36-month/36,000 mile warranty, giving you additional checklist security.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive