Why Maintenance Matters

Why Maintenance Matters -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

It's tempting to delay getting preventive services for your vehicle. You're busy. The budget is tight this month. Your car brand is known for running nearly forever. In reality, that's a bad choice. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you'll need to properly maintain it. Otherwise, it won't perform well or last a long time. In fact, you'll save money over time by giving your car the care it deserves. To get the maintenance services you need for any make or model, bring your vehicle to Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Round Rock, Texas. You'll find that we have a modern facility and work hard to get you in, out, and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Mechanical Risks and Rewards

If you're skipping preventive maintenance services, you're playing roulette with your car. Even if you are lucky for this missed maintenance cycle, you'll eventually have damage or larger problems resulting from issues you dismissed. For example, neglecting oil and filter changes can lead to the formation of sludge in your engine. Motor oil's job is to lubricate the moving metal parts so that they don't rub directly against one another. They also carry away some of the heat from the engine and suspend dirt so that it doesn't scar the engine components’ surfaces. Aged, degraded oil cannot perform its intended functions, allowing the black gooey substance to collect in your engine.

Also, if you ignore some issues, they become worse over time. For instance, if your brakes are squealing, they likely need new metal pads. Ignore them too long, and you will eventually damage your auto's rotors. Underinflated tires? Keep driving, and you can damage the tire, or worse, overheat the tire and have a blowout while you're driving. As you can see, it's worth your while to have a maintenance routine and take care of problems before they escalate.


More importantly, failure to maintain your vehicle may put you, your passengers, and other drivers in danger. Experts estimate that bad brakes cause at least 2% of crashes each year. Ignore your windshield wipers, and you may pay for them in the next downpour. It’s dangerous to navigate a dark roadway without working headlights. And do you want to breathe in mold spores? No? Then have your AC system inspected and cleaned as needed. As you can see, your safety is directly linked to auto maintenance.

Protecting Your Auto’s Value

Finally, a small investment in auto care will help you protect the much larger investment you made in your car. Your vehicle will remain in good condition much longer, and savvy buyers (should you choose to sell) know to ask for maintenance records. For added value, have those important services performed at Dave's Ultimate Automotive.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive