What You Need to Know About Wheel Alignment

How Does Wheel Alignment Affect Your Driving Experience?

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Although you might think a wheel alignment has something to do with your tires, wheels and axles, the truth is wheel alignment is much more about your suspension and steering systems. Wheel alignments adjust your suspension and steering systems to square the alignment of your wheels with the road and your vehicle. They’re meant to ensure your tires meet the road squarely so your tires wear more evenly and you have better control over your vehicle while you’re driving.

Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle pulling to one side or the other while you drive straight? Have you noticed your steering wheel is no longer straight when your vehicle is traveling in a straight line? Or are your tires are wearing unevenly. These are all signs your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Failure to invest in a professional wheel alignment service at a shop like Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Central Austin, TX, can result in decreased fuel efficiency, difficulty steering, and unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. It’s better to spend a little now to have your wheels aligned than to spend a lot more in the future when you have a catastrophic failure in your steering or suspension system, or need to buy new tires due to excessive and uneven wear.

Come to Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

The professional technicians at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Central Austin, TX are here to help you with all your wheel alignment needs. Our technicians will inspect and diagnose the cause of your misaligned wheels before performing the necessary adjustments that will realign your wheels to the road. If there’s an underlying issue that requires repairs or replacement, our technicians will share their recommendations for such repairs to keep your vehicle running it’s best and keeping it on the road instead of broken down beside it. Give us a call today to make an appointment for your wheel alignment service or stop by the shop to speak with our customer service advisors about what our team can do to keep your vehicle on the road.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive