What Porsche Doesn’t Tell You About Maintenance

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The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan (PSMP)

Porsche will tell their vehicle owners that the best way to maintain confidence in your car and keep it in pristine condition is by following the PSMP -- their factory recommended maintenance schedule designed with your vehicle’s unique features in mind. These prepaid plans at the dealership cover minor maintenance services like oil changes, filter replacements, spark plug replacement, brake service, and more. At specific intervals, safety inspections of the vehicle’s brakes, steering, suspension, and other vital components are conducted. What they don’t tell you about the PSMP is that you can get the exact same thing at an independent repair shop for a much more affordable price.

Why Independent Repair Shops Are Better Than the Dealership

You want personalized care. You want high-quality auto repairs. You want expert counsel and passionate technicians. You want Porsche specialists. And you want fair prices. It sounds like a lot to ask for, but we assure you it isn’t. Independent repair shops like Dave’s Ultimate Automotive pursue every level of expertise in our specialized Porsche services to bring you high-quality maintenance services at a much more reasonable price. How do we do it? To start, we don’t have the same overhead as dealerships and we prioritize your satisfaction, not sales.

Maintenance Customized For YOU

Yes, all of the services scheduled into the PSMP are essential to keep your Porsche in top condition. These maintenance items ensure every component is in good condition and working properly in its system to create a stellar driving experience. But a factory recommended plan has its limitations. It’s a one-size fits all and that only works for as long as your vehicle sits at the dealership. The moment you drive it off the lot it becomes yours. Your unique driving style and habits will change how parts wear over time -- and when maintenance will be needed. At Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Cedar Park, Texas, we customize maintenance plans to optimize services for Porsche drivers. Here, you get the best care possible for your vehicle! Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect your prized possession.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive