What Happened To Your Transmission?

Transmission Problems and What Causes Them

How to Destroy Your Transmission

Your transmission is under a lot of pressure to perform at all times, but did you know there are ways you can make that pressure worse? For example, transmission overheating can cause significant damage to your transmission. If your transmission runs hot, it’s time to take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop like Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in North Austin, TX, so they can inspect and diagnose the underlying problem behind the overheating transmission. Not flushing and refilling your transmission with fresh transmission fluid can also cause problems. Transmission fluid doesn’t only lubricate the transmission, it also cools the system and maintains the proper environment for your transmission to work as it should. Finally, erratic driving habits like fast acceleration at high RPMs can cause issues with your transmission system. A measured, steady driving style will extend the life of your transmission.

What Should You Do?

Your best course of action to keep your transmission running in top shape at all times is to meet with your mechanic to make and stick with a maintenance schedule that allows your technician to inspect the system regularly. Should you notice a problem with your transmission, the sooner you get your vehicle to your preferred transmission repair shop, the better. Early intervention can mean the difference between a simple, affordable repair and a catastrophic failure that leaves you stranded.

Dave’s Ultimate Automotive Can Help

Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in North Austin, TX, is here to help you keep your transmission running right. Our team of experienced technicians will inspect and diagnose any issues you’re having with your transmission so they can recommend repairs to ensure your transmission operates as it should at all times. Rather than waiting for your transmission to fail, getting your vehicle to our shop right away will save you time and money. Give us a call today to make an appointment for our team to inspect and diagnose your transmission problems or stop by the shop to speak to our customer service advisors about how we can help you. You’ll be glad we’re on your side.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive