Volkswagen Fun Facts

What a Car!

Whether you love the classic "bug" shape of the original, old school Volkswagen Beetle or prefer the more modern, family friendly crossovers, Volkswagens can be a lot of fun. There's no denying that there's something interesting about exploring the car line's history and entertaining about its many appearances in art. The various models have been driven many, many miles on various continents through multiple decades, leaving one to exclaim, "What a car!" If you're a Volkswagen fan, let Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Central Austin, Texas, provide you with a few fun facts and superior Volkswagen service and repair.

Did You Know?

There are probably lots of facts you know about Volkswagen, but we'll outline a few that not everyone knows or remembers.

Did you know that the prototype Volkswagen was developed in less than a year? That's right. It went from a concept to a reality in only ten months.

Did you know that Ferdinand Porsche designed the original bug-shaped car? Yes, that's the one--Porsche of sports car fame.

Did you know that the Beetle was first called the Type 1? That name isn't nearly as cute!

Did you know that the idea was to produce an affordable car for average people? The name Volkswagen translates as "the people's car." that the Volkswagen debuted in the United States in 1949? Perhaps it was somewhat overshadowed by popular domestic models of the 1950s.

Did you know that Volkswagen is a major global employer? There are more than 600,000 employees worldwide.

Did you know that newer models tend to be names for winds? For instance, the Golf represents the German translation of a Gulf wind.

Did you know that the iconic Herbie character is the most popular Volkswagen in the world? The original Love Bug movie hit theaters in 1968, but it's been a family classic since that time. It was popular enough to garner support for sequels.

Did you know that a lot of people have been fit into a single Beetle? As unbelievable as that may seem, there are reports of 20, 25, and even an unbelievable 57 people being put into one old model car. We don't recommend trying this experiment, but it has elicited quite a few laughs from children at the circus when clown after clown--big shoes and all--came piling out of a tiny vehicle.

Winning at More Than Trivia Night

Now that you've brushed up on your VW fun facts, perhaps you'll get a question related to this topic the next time you participate in a trivia night. We want you to win at more than a factual game, however. At Dave's Ultimate Automotive, we'll provide you with the same winning service that has kept us in business for years and earned us multiple awards.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive