The Difference Between Auto Repair Shops and Dealerships

Finding A Better Alternative

Some auto owners refuse to take their vehicles to auto repair shops. Instead, they insist that dealerships are more qualified to work on their vehicles. But is there really any clout to the claim that dealerships are better? The answer depends on what you’re looking for and where you place your priorities. Here’s what you should know about the main differences between auto repair shops and dealerships in Cedar Park.


Dealerships specialize in servicing just one type of vehicle. If you buy your vehicle at a dealership, you can bring it in for regularly scheduled maintenance appointments without any issues. But you can’t bring any other vehicle makes to the dealership. This may not be a big deal for some, but if your family owns multiple vehicle makes, it can be a pain to take them all to different dealerships.

Independent auto shops, on the other hand, work with all types of vehicles. They don’t specialize in just one type. They also carry parts for many different makes and models, while dealerships only carry parts for one make. Auto shops make it easy to get all your vehicles serviced at one place.

Personalized Care

When you visit a dealership, you’ll never come face-to-face with the mechanic who will be working on your car. Instead, you’ll interact with the service advisor. For some people, this isn’t a big deal. But some prefer to see and interact with the actual mechanics who work on the vehicles. When you visit an auto shop, you’ll most likely at least see the mechanic who’s working on your vehicle. Or you can likely request to talk to him or her in person if you wish.


It’s no secret that dealerships tend to charge more for the same services auto shops offer. Independent garages often use aftermarket parts that don’t cost as much as original parts. Since independent garages are usually smaller than dealerships, they also have less overhead and are more affordable to operate. Often, these savings are passed directly on to the customers.

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Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive