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Pouring Out the Accolades For Porsche: Which One Gets The Most? -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Anyone who loves cars knows that Porsche has always been synonymous with great design. When the company opened its doors in 1931, it initially provided consulting work and did not produce cars under the Porsche name. In fact, Volkswagen was the biggest client, and the company also produced designs for heavy war-era tanks. After some successful prototypes, the first sports car to bear the Porsche name debuted in 1948. The Porsche line of vehicles has since been known for its superior design and its elevated performance level. At Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Cedar Park, Texas, we understand your desire to keep your Porsche performing at its best. For outstanding service and repair, rely on the shop that operates with your best interest in mind and stays up to date with modern tools and technology.

What makes a Porsche so special?

What makes a Porsche so special? Drivers of the more modern SUVs or crossovers may give a myriad of answers, but owners of the iconic 911 almost invariably give the same answers. For starters, they love the rear-located engine that adds traction upon acceleration. (But be careful when you take those curves! The trade-off for superior acceleration traction is less front-end traction for handling curves.) Many enthusiasts also like the fact that the engine is air-cooled. Also, there are lots of 911 variations, and the car has a strong competition presence. Finally, like most models, the 911 holds its value well.

Which one is most popular?

Drivers usually praise any Porsche they have tried, but which models earn the most accolades? Perhaps the answer lies in new car sales. After all, buyers vote with their dollars when they purchase new cars. Even though Porsche was traditionally known for sports cars, but the best-selling model in recent years has been the Macan, an SUV. The Cayenne, a slightly smaller SUV, ranks second in sales, followed by the ever popular 911 sports car. When one observes the praise given Porsche models over the prior decade, however, sports cars seem to be the clear favorite. Specifically, reviewers identified sports model variations as holding the top seven of the decade’s ten best Porches. A sedan ranked eighth, followed by the 911 in ninth. Coming in tenth was the Cayenne SUV. Could this difference be a factor of who was asked--car critics versus buyers--or could it be that tastes are shifting more toward SUVs and crossovers, away from sports models? We can't be sure, but we can assure you that your choice of Dave's Ultimate Automotive for service and repair will never go out of style.

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