Taking Care of Tire Damage

Taking Care of Tire Damage: What You Should Know -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

If you drive long enough, chances are you're going to find yourself with at least one damaged tire. Maybe you "found" the "lucky prize" nail in the middle of the road or lost too much tread instead of the weight you wanted to get rid of. Whatever happens, you must get proper and prompt attention for your tires. They're the lifeline between your vehicle and the pavement. If you need tire maintenance services, a repair for a flat, or a whole new set, bring your auto to Dave's Ultimate Automotive in South Austin, Texas. We're here to help you with any make or model so you can keep rolling safely down the road.

Should you repair or replace a damaged tire?

We understand that most families operate on a budget. Tire repair, therefore, is financially more attractive than purchasing a new one. We're glad to help you with that, repairing if it's safe to do so or recommending replacement if your tire can't be fixed. Either way, be sure to check out our Specials page to see there's a coupon posted this month that might be applied to your situation. How will you/we know which route to take?

First, we'll examine the tread wear. A puncture repair should be considered only if the tire has at least 2/32" (2 mm) of tread remaining. Otherwise, it's time for new tires anyway. Also, we'll consider the location and size of the damage. Usually, it's safe to repair a puncture up to 1/4" if the spot is in the tread area. However, you should not attempt to repair a cut, a large puncture, or an injury of any size or shape to the sidewall. Lastly, we will assess the overall condition of the tire. If it has been driven flat, has cracking sidewalls, or shows belts or cords, it isn't a candidate for repair. Be aware that the manufacturer’s rating or warranty may no longer cover tires rated for high speed if the tire has been damaged and repaired.

Getting It Right vs. Just Getting By

If you're beside the road with a flat, you certainly may need to effect a temporary repair to help you get to a repair shop. Solutions include using a can of tire sealer or a tire plugging kit. Hopefully, this will enable you to drive slowly and reach a reputable shop that will make a permanent repair by removing the tire from its rim, applying a patch inside along with a plug outside to ensure that the fix holds. If you can safely reach us, bring your car to Dave's Ultimate Automotive.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive