Repairing Your Sprinter While Traveling

Prepare for Repair Before You Hit the Road

Vehicle repair probably isn't your favorite task on your to-do list. When you're far away from home and repair shops you know and trust, however, your mechanical needs take on a completely different tone. This is further compounded when your transportation is also your hotel room. Before you panic, let us guide you through a few approaches to repairing your Sprinter even if you encounter trouble in an unfamiliar place. Dave's Ultimate Automotive can help you get the problem repaired and your trip back on track if you happen to break down in the Pflugerville, Texas, area. If not, use our tips to help you navigate the situation.

The Special Challenge of Addressing Mechanical Issues While Traveling

As already established, a breakdown while traveling is not ideal. There are a couple of feasible paths to help you cope with the situation. If you're mechanically inclined, know a bit about auto repair, and are familiar with the workings of your Sprinter, you may decide to make repairs yourself. Are you that person? Maybe you had the foresight to carry a few tools along in the back of the van. You'll need to survey the problem and determine which tools you have versus which ones you'll need to purchase. To ease your situation, try to find a location where you can stay and work. You'll likely need to check campground and/or local business regulations for this. Also, try to choose a place near parts stores and necessities such as food and facilities. Finally, if you have to order parts, try to obtain everything you need as well as a repair manual in one order. Online videos can provide helpful hints, too. On the other hand, if you need a shop to make the repair for you, choose wisely. Spend enough time to find a reputable location that employs certified technicians and has positive affiliations. This could be membership in a local chamber of commerce, participation in a motor club such as AAA, affiliation with a national network such as NAPA AutoCare, or a high rating with an agency such as the Better Business Bureau or Angie's List. Also, make sure you get specifics about pricing, warranty, anticipated repair time, etc. You're better off to use a responsible repair shop even if you have to tow your Sprinter to reach it.

A Trustworthy Repair Partner with a Nationwide Warranty

While we certainly don't wish for you to have a mechanical interruption to your trip, Dave's Ultimate Automotive will gladly assist you if you encounter travel trouble in our area. Even better, we protect you as you head out on your way by guaranteeing the repairs with a 36-month/36,000 mile nationwide warranty so you're covered wherever you go within the NAPA AutoCare network.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive