Porsche: The History of a Legend

From Humble Beginnings to Renowned Luxury

Luxury, power, and performance all come together in one of the most recognizable cars on the road today. Porsche makes quality automobiles and has done for generations, but not many people know the origins of this vehicular icon. At Dave's Ultimate Automotive, we feel that when you come into our Cedar Park, Texas location for Porsche repair, you may want to know the history of these classics!

The Beginning

With a humble beginning of a small factory with only 200 workers, Ferdinand Porsche had automobile design in his blood. After working on some of the first hybrid electric cars in the early 20th century, and eventually turned his creative eye towards crafting the iconic Volkwagon Beetle. After World War II, his son took over, using his father's designs to develop the 356 in 1948, the first true Porsche to be mass-produced in 1950.

Later that same decade, Porsche would produce a retooled 356 which would become one of the most sought-after classic cars in the world. Alongside it came the 550 Spyder, an incredible racer that often finished in the top three of its class. By 1958, Porsche had produced well over 10,000 automobiles and began to outsource production to keep up with demand.

Building a Legacy

Though the brand saw a humble start, the 1960s saw an explosion of Porsche's popularity that continues to this day. Some highlights include:

  • 1963 - The 911, a successor to the 359, rolls off the assembly line, becoming an overnight sensation and leads the way to a host of different styles
  • 1976 - Porsche revolutionizes the industry with galvanized steel car bodies, offering a 6-year warranty against rust
  • 1984 - Porsche becomes a publically traded company and renames the 911 to the Carerra featuring a better performing 3.2-liter engine
  • 1991 - Again breaking new ground, all Porsche cars include a standard front airbag
  • 2006 - Taking first and second place in the historic American Le Mans Series race with its prototype LMP2 class RS-Spyder prototype racer

The Porsche company has a long and incredible story! While we at Dave's Ultimate Automotive can only touch on it, our skilled technicians know these vehicles inside and out. If you find yourself in need of expert Porsche repair, make an appointment at our Cedar Park, Texas location and our knowledgeable staff will get this classic icon back on the road where it belongs!

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive