Porsche Preventive Maintenance Tips

Living (and Driving) the Good Life

Since the first Porsche was made on April 25, 1931 in Stuttgart, Germany, the manufacturer has earned recognition for its high performance cars and became particularly noted for sports models. Many young auto enthusiasts grew up associating Porsche ownership with "living the good life." If you're one of those who is now driving your dream car, you're probably interested in keeping your automobile well maintained and protected so that it will be around for years to come. At Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Cedar Park, Texas, our ASE-certified, award-winning technicians are dedicated to protecting both you and your transportation investment.

Preventive Maintenance Tasks You Should Be Aware Of

General maintenance and repairs are important to all automobiles, but there are a few service points that are of heightened significance to this brand. Because the Porsche is a high performance car and some drivers take full advantage of that designation, it's critical that owners not delay service visits. First, to keep your car performing at its best, change the oil and filter as recommended. While all engines create friction and heat during the combustion process, high performance automobiles take this up a level, making proper lubrication even more crucial. Adequate clean oil keeps the moving parts well lubricated, reducing friction and removing some of the generated heat. Further, it picks up and suspends dirty particles that can damage the engine components. As oil breaks down, it begins losing protective value. Your engine becomes more vulnerable, and it could even develop a sludge problem (a serious hindrance for performance and longevity). In addition to changing the oil as scheduled, be sure to use an appropriate product. Best practice for your Porsche is to use a high quality synthetic oil. Also, change the lubricant every year even if you haven't driven enough to reach the mileage threshold. Second, keep your brakes in good repair. Although we recommend safe, responsible driving at all times, some drivers are known to accelerate and brake rapidly. That's not the time to discover a brake failure. Have brakes checked at regular intervals. If you notice signs of brake trouble between scheduled visits, have your auto checked. Potential signals include squealing, scraping, wobbling, and/or a spongy-feeling pedal when you brake. Finally, keep an eye on your tires. Again, we strongly advocate safe driving practices at all times, but your excursion could end in a crash if you're quick on the gas, quick on the brake, and ride on substandard rubber. Keep your tires inflated to the proper psi and monitor for sufficient tread depth.

Care--For Cars and Customers

At Dave's Ultimate Automotive, our team stands at the ready to assist you with preventive maintenance and timely repairs for your Porsche. However, we are equally interested in providing exceptional care to you, our valued customer. It's important to us to prove that you've made the right choice for auto repair. That's why we hire only well qualified technicians with high levels of integrity and provide a comforting nationwide warranty on our work.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive