Never Repair Your Toyota Again!

Get Ahead Of Major Repairs With Regular Maintenance

If you own a Toyota, you likely know that they have an excellent reputation for reliability. If you take care of your vehicle well, you can probably avoid needing any significant repairs. Many Toyotas stay on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles. There are even some examples that have passed the million-mile mark. Here's how you can keep your car on the road.

Check Your Oil Often and Change It

Try to check your oil once a month to make sure it is in good shape. To do this, park your car on a level surface, pull out the oil dipstick and wipe it clean, put the dipstick back all the way then take it out again. Your dipstick has two markings on it near the end (either notches or holes), the oil level should be between those marking. Also, check that the oil isn't overly dirty.

You won't need to change your oil every time you check it, but most models need it changed every 10,000 miles or every year. If you notice that your oil level is low, check for a leak. Also, if it is dirty, change the oil early.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Get a pressure gauge and check your tires at least once per month and before long road trips. Do this when your tires are cold. The recommended pressure is based on when the tires are at ambient temperature. If you've driven more than a couple of miles, the pressure will be higher due to friction from the road. A digital tire gauge is best. Pencil-type gauges can work as well, but they tend to be a little less accurate.

Wash Your Car

This may surprise you, but washing your car does more than making it look nice. The paint is an essential protective layer that prevents the body from rusting. Rust is perhaps the most infamous enemy of Toyotas. Keeping your car clean will ensure that the paint stays in good condition and protects your vehicle.

Get Toyota Repairs and Maintenance Services

If you want to keep your Toyota on the road without needing serious repairs, bring it to Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Central Austin. We work on all vehicles and help keep them in the best shape possible. Schedule an appointment or visit one of our convenient locations.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive