Meet the BMW i8

Introducing BMW’s Hybrid Electric Supercar

For over 100 years, BMW has been producing some of the finest and most exciting vehicles in the world. Starting in 2014, the brand began offering a new, high-end sports car that featured a plug-in, hybrid powertrain, the BMW i8. This vehicle was an early pioneer in using electric power in sports cars. It continues to stand out thanks to its unique styling and fun driving experience.

The i8 Powertrain

Perhaps the most notable feature of the BMW i8 is its hybrid powertrain. The gasoline engine is a 1.5-liter, turbocharged, inline three-cylinder. This is paired with a 98-kilowatt electric motor. These are mounted in a transverse, rear-mid-engine layout. n hybrid mode, the i8 can achieve an impressive 76 miles per gallon equivalent. Even in gasoline-only mode, it can achieve 29 miles per gallon efficiency. These are impressive numbers for a sports car.

Of course, most people aren’t buying the i8 for fuel-efficiency. The two motors combined produce a peak of 369 brake horsepower. It can reach 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) in 4.4 seconds. The top speed is 155 miles per hour, although this is regulated by an electronic limiter.


The i8 caught eyes when it was first unveiled thanks to its unusual styling. It is the first mid-engine vehicle produced by BMW since the M1 finished production in 1981. It has flowing lines and eye-catching blue highlights that help it to stand out even among other sports cars. It is available as either a coupe or a roadster.


Drivers have responded well to the i8 noting its smooth ride and peppy driving experience. While there are other sports cars and supercars that can outpace it, the i8 manages to offer a lot of fun while still having a luxurious and well-appointed interior. You don’t have to give up every modern convenience just to enjoy some performance driving with this vehicle.

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