Lexus Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips For Your Lexus -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Most Lexus drivers love their vehicles. These autos, after all, are known for their luxury and creature comforts. As much as you love your car--and since it's a personal investment--shouldn't you protect it with proper maintenance? If you need a little help in this department, we're glad to offer a few tips for you, and we're always available to assist you with preventive services and needed repairs. Give Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Central Austin, Texas, a try, and see why we're a "Top Shop" and "Super Service'' award winner.

Our Top Recommendations for Preventive Maintenance

We recommend a two-fold approach to keeping your Lexus in optimal condition. Since we attend to mechanical issues, we rely on our friends at the body shops and resale lots for cosmetic advice. They recommend periodic detailing and waxing your car twice per year to keep it looking its best, pointing out that it not only keeps you appearing stylish but also helps keep the value and potential sales price in the upper range. Second, let us help you maintain the vehicle's mechanical condition. As you might expect, oil changes are vital to the longevity of any car. You should change the oil and filter according to the manufacturer's recommendations (found in your owner's manual) or more frequently if you drive under extreme conditions. Also, don't forget to change the transmission fluid as specified to avoid premature transmission failure. Since cooling system corrosion can be hazardous to your auto's overall health, make sure you change your coolant and flush the system annually.

Additionally, have us take a peek at your car's belts. If we notice wear, we'll replace them for you since you need them intact to operate multiple major components. You need to have your wheel bearings inspected. We'll clean and repack them, reducing the likelihood that you'll need an expensive hub or spindle repairs or lose a wheel as you're driving! Your drivelines also need lubricating, especially the universal joints. Finally, be sure to maintain your brakes, having the fluid bled and replaced every three years. Brake fluid can attract moisture, and that can lead to corrosion.

Common Lexus Repairs

Even though your Lexus is fabulous, you will eventually find yourself needing a repair if you own it long enough. Common issues include coolant system, air conditioner, oil pump, and leak repairs, all of which can be fixed at Dave's Ultimate Automotive.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive