Land Rover Care Tips You Need to Implement

What You Should Do

By design, Land Rovers were built to withstand the harsh conditions of off-terrain driving. They can drive through miles of mud, hills, and holes and still come out relatively unscathed. But just because these vehicles were designed to take punishment, doesn’t mean they require less attention for maintenance. On the contrary actually, as Land Rovers need consistent maintenance in order to withstand the stress they go through. Although there are many other care tips you can follow, here are three tips that the Dave’s Ultimate Automotive team believe is a must in order to prolong the life of your Land Rover vehicle.

Regular Oil Change

This is important regardless of what vehicle you drive. Motor oil is responsible for lubricating the parts within your Land Rover’s engine and for keeping it clean. Once the oil gets old and dirty, it isn’t able to properly do its job and can even cause problems to your engine, which is why it’s important to have a consistent oil change. To determine when you need an oil change, check the manufacturer’s guide found in your Land Rover, as the mileage intervals vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Keep Your Tank Full

Within most fuels are impurities that typically go to the bottom of your Land Rover’s gas tank. As time goes on and you refill the gas tank with fuel, more of these impurities may find itself at the bottom of the tank. If you were to operate the engine with a low tank, there’s a possibility that these impurities could find their way into the engine, which could damage it over time. Although the fuel filter may stop it, it’s best to avoid the scenario altogether.

Change The Fuel Filter

The fuel filter helps prevent any impurities in the fuel from getting into the engine. Over time, this filter will get old and dirty and will need replacement. If not replaced, the filter won’t be able to do its job as effectively and impurities may find a way to get into your vehicle’s engine, which could cause serious damage over time.

Written by Dave Erb