Important Winter Car Maintenance for Safer Driving in Austin, TX

Here in Austin, TX, we may not get all of the snow and ice that other states are experiencing during the winter months, but we do have our fair share of winter driving conditions. The fluctuating temperatures, heavy rain and flash floods that we receive certainly cause some treacherous road conditions. It’s important that your vehicle is prepared to handle the winter driving conditions in Austin to ensure the safety of you and your family! The usual safety tips, such as lowering your speed and not following too closely, are always important during wet weather. It is equally important, however, for your vehicle to be in peak operating condition. That is where winter auto maintenance plays a significant role. As the winter months approach, you should take your vehicle to a local auto repair shop in Austin, TX or an auto repair mechanic in Round Rock, TX to perform a winter safety check and do the required winter car maintenance services on your vehicle. Your Austin auto repair technician should be extremely knowledgeable in vehicle safety and preventative maintenance services, and able to answer all of your questions regarding safe driving during the rainy winter season. The following areas are important parts on your automobile to get checked now that winter is here:
  • Electrical System and Lighting – The accumulation of moisture in your vehicle’s electrical and lighting systems can be your worst enemy during wet weather. Electrical cables should not be cracked, peeling, or sagging. Moisture build-up in cable connections or electrical terminals can cause short-circuiting and an eventual break down.  Additionally, moisture that accumulates inside your head and tail lamps could result in losing their ability to illuminate dark areas.
  • Tires – Sidewalls and tread depth are critical safety issues, hence the reason that your tires are commonly referred to as the “legs” of your vehicle. Worn tread or improperly inflated tires greatly increase your risk of having an accident, especially with Austin’s wet conditions. Remember, new tires should not be viewed as an expense, but rather an investment in your safety. Be sure that rubber bushings and shock absorbers are also checked and replaced where needed.
  • Windshield Wipers and Wiper Blades – In addition to the wipers on your vehicle, you should have all the related components, such as the washer fluid reservoir level and sprayers, checked as well. This could make the difference between proper and unsafe visibility when driving in inclement weather. Your wiper blades should not leave streaks when in use, and should making driving in the rain easier, not harder!
If you try to visually check these areas yourself, you run the risk of missing something that a professional auto repair mechanic could have easily helped you with. Your auto repair shop in Austin or your auto repair shop in Round Rock, TX have a trained eye to spot automotive problems, and can perform the proper winter car maintenance services on your vehicle. At Dave’s Ultimate Automotive, we want you to remember that the best way to stay safe on the road is to be properly prepared!

Written by Dave Erb