Are Hybrids Really Better for the Environment?

For years on end we have been polluting the Earth and fairly recently we have started looking for ways to stop causing as much damage before it’s too late. Cars contribute about 75% of the Earth's total carbon monoxide pollutants and about one-third of total air pollution. Hybrids and EVs are one step towards a cleaner environment that many people are investing in, and they are rising in popularity.

Here is a run-down on the difference between a hybrid and an EV. Hybrids have basically all the components and can function just like a regular gasoline-powered vehicle, but they also have a battery that allows them to run partially off of electric power. An EV runs completely off of electricity, meaning that driving the car itself emits zero pollutants. These vehicles are helping us solve 2 problems: creating cleaner air in heavily trafficked cities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the environment.

Even though hybrids still produce some emissions, studies show that gasoline-powered vehicles are still producing up to 50% more pollutants than hybrids and EVs. Some may suggest that there is no difference in pollutants, because the electricity used to power these cars comes from somewhere, and many electricity plants create greenhouse gases during the creation process. Most EV and hybrid owners use the public charging stations provided to re-fuel their rides, which can lead to a plant producing more pollution, while some owners have their own green charging stations at home. It is important to remember that not all power plants are using greenhouse gases to create power anymore. More plants are turning to more sustainable practices, like wind power. It really just depends on the area that the charging station is in, but studies have shown that in the U.S EVs and hybrids produce less harmful global warming emissions than even the least green electricity producing plants.

To answer the question of hybrids and EVs are actually good for the planet, we will say yes. The fact that consumers are becoming more aware of how important environmental health is means that hybrids and EVs will continue spreading awareness and providing means for people to change over to sustainable energy. Overall, these cars are emitting less pollutants than gasoline-powered vehicles and the power plants creating electricity to charge them. Hybrids and EVs are just one step in the right direction, who knows what we will see in the future!

Written by Dave Erb