Hybrid Losing Power? Time To Replace The Battery!

What You Need to Know About Your Hybrid Battery

What is a Hybrid Battery?

The battery in your hybrid vehicle which feeds power to the electric engine is rechargeable and produces enough power to propel your vehicle using only the electric engine. These batteries are charged, depending on manufacturer, by braking, so if you drive in the city, your hybrid battery is charged and used instead of the gasoline powered engine. These batteries have a lifespan and will need to be replaced from time to time. Think of it like the battery in your cell phone. Over time, the battery doesn’t hold a charge as well as it did when it was new. The same thing happens to the battery in your hybrid vehicle. If you’re experiencing problems connected to your hybrid battery, it may be time to look into a hybrid battery replacement service at a trusted shop like Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Pflugerville, TX.

Signs Your Hybrid Battery is Failing

There are several common signs that it's time to replace your hybrid battery. The first is a drop in fuel efficiency. A weak or failing hybrid battery means your hybrid will use the gas powered engine more often. That use will correspond to a steady drop in fuel efficiency since the electric engine is getting less use and you’ll be using more gasoline. Your hybrid has many systems meant to monitor the health of your hybrid, including the State of Charge monitor. If your state of charge is fluctuating while you’re driving, it could mean a failing hybrid battery or a problem with your charging system. Either way, it’s time to get your hybrid to a certified hybrid battery replacement shop for inspection and diagnosis. Strange engine noises might indicate a failing hybrid battery because the more the internal combustion engine is used, the more likely it is to develop its own problems. Your certified hybrid repair technician will be able to inspect and diagnose the root problem behind any of these signs.

Bring Us Your Hybrid Vehicle

No matter what signs of hybrid battery failure you’re experiencing, the team of certified Hybrid battery replacement technicians at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Pflugerville, TX, is here to ensure your hybrid is road ready when you need it to be. Give us a call today to make an appointment to have your hybrid batteries inspected, or stop by our shop to speak with our team in person. We’ll get you back on the road as fast as we can.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive