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Keeping Your Hybrid Battery Strong--Dave's Ultimate

We always suggest to have your Hybrid checked out by a certified professional. But here are a few examples of what may happen with hybrid battery failure. Several dash lights will illuminate. Your engine will be running harder than usual and the cooling fan will run at high speed. Your battery SOC indicator may fluctuate rapidly from full bars to none. Your cruise control could also stop working. There is also a possibility your car may not drive in reverse. If any of these things is happening, you might need hybrid battery replacement. Don’t let your vehicle incur damage due to battery failure. Bring your car into Dave’s Ultimate Automotive and let our certified techs take a look at it for you.

Complete Hybrid Service and Repair

Is your dash panel telling you it is time to get your hybrid battery replaced? Well if so bring your car down to Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Austin, TX. Recognized by the City of Austin as a Certified Waste Smart auto repair shop, we know what it takes to be eco-friendly. By maintaining a tradition of affordable service, waste reduction, and hybrid value retention, our customers have a worry free hybrid battery replacement process. Our highly trained hybrid repair technicians are fully equipped with all the latest tools, hardware, and diagnostic equipment available and ready to service or repair any hybrid make or model. We give a higher level of service here at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive and want our customers to feel good about the services they receive.

Complete Customer Care and Service

Our technicians are always available to go over your hybrid battery replacement and answer any questions or concerns you may have. They can even help you get on a factory scheduled maintenance plan. Your Hybrid has multiple components that need maintenance and repair over time to keep your vehicle running efficiently. Energy Conservation was on you mind when you purchased your hybrid vehicle, and we can help you maintain your batteries optimum power through proper charging and recharging. Being on a maintenance plan will enhance your hybrids performance and keep it running strong for years to come. We also back up every repair with NAPA’s AutoCare Nationwide Peace of Mind Warranty, where parts and labor are covered nationwide for 2 years/24,000 miles. Customers take comfort in knowing that they will not only receive environmentally responsible hybrid battery replacement but that it will also be covered nationwide.

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