How to Save Money on Jaguar Repairs

Love Your Jaguar But Hate Paying For Repairs? Here’s How To Save. -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Since its beginning in 1922, the British-born Jaguar has been a symbol of luxury and beauty. The chances are that you love yours, too, but perhaps you hate paying for repairs. After all, Jaguar repairs can be a bit pricey. According to one professional garage owners' association, the average annual repair bill for a Jaguar is about two and half times that of other cars. At Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Cedar Park, Texas, we understand your desire to balance your vehicle's upkeep with a reasonable budget. There will always be some expense for vehicle repairs no matter what make or model you drive, but we can give you some pointers to help you make Jaguar maintenance as cost-effective as possible.

Staying On Top of Common Jaguar Problems

Any certified automotive technician will tell you that the best way to save money on car repairs is to perform regular preventive maintenance services. In addition, it's particularly important to take care of areas that are known hot spots for your particular vehicle. For a Jaguar, this means having your brakes inspected periodically because worn brake pads and ABS accumulator failure make the top ten list of necessary fixes. Also, follow the manufacturer's recommended schedule for tune-ups and maintenance services. Jaguars seem to be prone to leaky oil pans, coolant loss, and ignition coil misfire (as evidenced by the top ten list of reported repairs). Routine care will allow your automotive technician to discover these problems while they're small and easy to repair instead of later when you may experience a breakdown.

Furthermore, have your climate control system checked. Your mechanic can help you keep it in good repair, important since heating and air condition system repairs are common. Likewise, annual inspections can help you head off exhaust system failure. Known related issues include an illuminated or blinking check engine light and muffler problems in Jaguars. Finally, power window regulators sometimes fail, so see your service provider as soon as your experience trouble raising or lowering a window.

Other Repair Savings Tips

In addition to preventing minor problems from becoming major ones, we have several other tips to help you save on Jaguar Repairs. First, make sure you choose a reputable repair shop. Are they certified to work on and experienced with Jaguars? Are they willing to provide you with a written repair estimate, so there are no big surprises when you receive your bill? Is there a warranty? Second, look for discounts. Do they offer coupons, specials, or sales on services? Our shop offers all these. We look forward to taking care of you and your Jaguar at Dave's Ultimate Automotive, helping you save.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive