How Emissions Testing Equipment Works

And How It Affects You

There are 31 states with at least one county that requires emissions testing. If you’ve recently moved to one of these states, or you’re concerned about passing the test with your current vehicle, find out how testing equipment works and how you can be sure your vehicle will pass your next test.

OBD-II Scanner

In the past, emissions tests were performed with a dynamometer and tailpipe hookup. Modern tests typically use an OBD-II scanner or onboard diagnostic II scanner. Vehicles newer than 1996 have a port that allows this electronic scanner to connect directly to your vehicle’s computer system. An OBD-II scanner looks for error codes sent by a series of sensors throughout your vehicle. An emissions test official is particularly looking for error codes that relate to your vehicle’s emissions system.

How to Pass Emissions Testing

If you’re concerned about passing your next emissions test, watch your dashboard for any sign of an error code. Typically, your check engine light will alert you to any error code that may cause you to fail your test. A more thorough way to ensure you’ll pass is to stop by your local auto shop in Round Rock, TX.

Common Testing Issues

Not all emissions issues are costly to repair. Here is a range of common issues that could cause you to fail your emissions test:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Damaged sensor wiring
  • Malfunctioning O2 sensor
  • Clogged Catalytic converter

Failing your emissions test can be costly and require you to reschedule. Don’t wait for the official test to see whether you can pass or not, but stop by a local auto shop to have your test performed. This will give you peace of mind as you prepare your emissions system for the official emissions test day.

Prevent a Failed Emissions Test Today

At Round Rock, TX, Dave’s Ultimate Automotive can provide accurate emissions testing using our OBD-II scanners. If you have an emissions issue, our ASE-certified technicians can quickly restore your system and prepare your car for a successful test. Schedule a service today to have your vehicle inspected and prepare for your local emissions test. Ask about our generous warranty and discover why we’ve been a leader in auto repair services throughout Texas since 1997.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive