Holiday Gifts For Your Car

Tis the season of giving gifts to our family, friends, coworkers and neighbors! Why not extend the love and treat your car with some special gifts, like new accessories or emergency tools!? We know thinking of the perfect gift to give can be tough, so here is a list of ideas for inspiration.

Windshield Wipers

There is nothing worse than driving in the rain with squeaky, water smearing windshield wipers causing your visibility on the road to be tainted. You should replace your vehicle’s windshield wiper blades every six months to a year, or immediately whenever one begins to have limited visibility while using them on the road. Before purchasing new wiper blades, do some research on what brand and size your vehicle currently uses as well as look into reviews of other brands and their performance.

Floor Mats

From wet, dirty shoes to random trash and other items, the floors of our vehicles endure endless amounts of wear and tear every day. Consider upgrading your floor mats from the generic mats provided to heavy duty custom mats. They will be much easier to clean, will have a longer lifespan, and will provide extra protection for your vehicle's floor. Once again, just make sure to do some research and find floor mats that will fit the needs of your vehicle.

Holiday Gifts for Your Car - GPS


Are you doing any holiday traveling this year? Have any upcoming road trips planned for the new year? Drive in style and be prepared for every road block and traffic stop by purchasing a GPS for your car. While it may be easy to use your smartphone as a navigation system, a GPS will not use up all of your data, will have its own battery and charger, and can be mounted on your dashboard to be less of a distraction while driving.

Hanging Trash Can

With those brand new floor mats in your vehicle, you’ll want a different place to keep trash than the floor of your vehicle. There are several different types of vehicle trash cans that you can take on the go with you for a central trash location. This rather cheap accessory will go a long way when it comes to keeping your car clean and organized.

Jumper Cables

If you have not already, consider investing in some jumper cables to have on hand in your vehicle for those times when you might need a jump, or someone else for that matter. Instead of having to rely on the tow truck, this is a great tool to have on hand for emergencies that involve needing to give your battery a boost!

These are just a few cool gifts that your car will love to receive this holiday season! As much as these accessories and tools will better assist with your driving, some of them will also increase the lifespan of your vehicle over time! Do you have some other holiday gift ideas for your vehicle that you want to share? We’d love to hear them so please comment below!

Written by Dave Erb