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Does It Matter Where I Take My Audi For Service And Repair? -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Whether you purchased new or used, you're probably thrilled with your Audi. Now you're wondering where to get service and repair. Can you take your car just anywhere, or is it important to use a local Audi provider? Yes, the auto shop you choose matters. As we explore a few reasons, be assured that Dave's Ultimate Automotive in North Austin, Texas is here for you, whether you drive an Audi or any other make or model. Our ASE-certified technicians have knowledge and expertise specifically related to your vehicle. What's more, we offer the protection of a nationwide 36-month/36,000-mile warranty and the peace of mind that comes from knowing we've made the ranking of Top Shop and Super Service provider by helping other drivers just like you.

Considerations When Choosing a Repair Shop

When determining where to take your prized auto for service and repair, there are a few considerations that should factor into your decision. Ask yourself if the facility has a strong background with the Audi brand. While you can save a bit of money by selecting a dealership alternative, you need to be sure they're partnering with you to maintain and document the service schedule recommended by the manufacturer. This will not only protect your car, but will also ensure that the manufacturer's warranty remains in effect (as applicable based on the vehicle's age and mileage). Also, if an auto shop routinely works on Audi's, it will have the necessary tools and equipment for effecting adequate and accurate repairs. Technicians who frequently work with your brand will be able to troubleshoot problems and make accurate repairs more quickly and easily. This shortens your time without your vehicle and reduces the number of billed hours of labor.

Importance of Service

As with any make, it's essential to keep your Audi serviced and in good repair. Routine preventive maintenance services, as mentioned, will protect the car's original warranty (which you want to keep in place as long as possible), and it will also keep your vehicle running its best for a long time. Both these extend the life of the car, adding to the enjoyment of your luxury auto and protecting your financial investment. Proper maintenance also keeps you safer as you travel. Potential problems with brakes, tires, wipers, lights, or other safety features can be found and taken care of before you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Your vehicle runs more efficiently and performs better if it receives the attention it needs. Equally important is your choice of a reputable, local shop such as Dave's Ultimate Automotive that you can trust for honest repair services.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive