General Maintenance for Your Vehicle

The Best Maintenance Plan for Your Car? Have One!

Perhaps you're wondering what's the best maintenance plan for your car. The short answer is to have one! As simple as that may seem, some drivers put off preventive maintenance services only to find that the delay has led to a major problem that might have been avoided. Dave's Ultimate Automotive in South Austin, Texas, can help you get into a routine that will keep your car healthy without cluttering your schedule. We take pride in both mechanical work and customer care, so let's get started with your preventive plan of action today.

An Overview of Important Maintenance Topics

Believe it or not, some car care is so basic that you can do it yourself even if you don't feel comfortable with mechanical work. For instance, keeping your vehicle reasonably clean inside and out can head off certain issues. Drying spills and removing trash (particularly food that wasn't finished) can help prevent mold and/or bacterial growth that can take a toll on your breathing. Washing the exterior removes contaminants from your paint and undercarriage, staving off rust, corrosion, and discoloration. In terms of engine operation, one of the most important things you can do is change your oil and filter regularly. Engine lubricant suspends dirt so that it doesn't damage metal components, absorbs some of the engine's heat, and lays down a protective barrier so that friction generated by moving parts during the combustion process doesn't disintegrate the engine's components. Also, fluids should be checked on a regular basis and topped off as necessary. Though needed less frequently, your car will occasionally need a tune-up or other less frequent major maintenance. This helps you keep parts like brakes, spark plugs, belts, and hoses in good working order. Also, don't forget to check the tires. They need to be kept at the suggested psi, rotated/balanced on a schedule, and replaced when the tread depth goes below the minimum recommendation.

Scheduling Made Easy

Although keeping up with these and other service points may sound overwhelming, it's not bad if you establish a schedule and stick to it. Your owner's manual outlines the manufacturer's maintenance plan. It will give you basic information about the general timeframe or mileage at which preventive services are needed. You may also adjust accordingly depending upon your driving habits and product purchases. For example, full synthetic oil lasts longer (in terms of mileage) than conventional motor oil. If you don't care to put together your own schedule, the staff at Dave's Ultimate Automotive can help you lay out the plan that's right for you and your car. You can feel good knowing that we are affiliated with multiple networks that rate us highly.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive