Follow These Simple Transmission Maintenance Tips

What You Should Do

Properly maintaining your vehicle’s transmission system goes a long way to improving its performance. By implementing good habits and following a consistent routine, you’ll be able to avoid the costly repairs that have plagued other drivers for years. Wondering what you can do to properly maintain your vehicle’s transmission system? Don’t worry, as Dave’s Ultimate Automotive is here to help. Here are three maintenance tips you use to ensure your vehicle’s transmission system is always performing at its best!

Routine Maintenance Schedule

This is the best method to properly maintaining the transmission system. You always want to follow your regularly scheduled maintenance check, as technicians will include the transmission in the check to ensure everything is working properly. Pending the number of miles on your car, the technicians may even replace the fluid in the transmission system.

Wait For a Complete Stop

This is less of a maintenance tip and more of a driving habit tip. Many people will try to shift gears before the vehicle has come to a complete stop. This can place a strain on the gears and increase the wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Instead, think about completely stopping your vehicle before shifting gears. This will remove any additional momentum that places the strain on the gears and reduces the chances of your vehicle’s transmission system suffering from problems like slipping.

Check The Transmission Fluid

When checking the transmission fluid, you want to ensure that it is within the proper level and that the fluid has a bright red color and sweet smell to it. If you notice a different color and/or the fluid has a burnt smell to it, you’ll need to have the transmission system looked at immediately. Pending the severity of the situation, the technicians will have to either drain or flush the current fluid out of the transmission system.

Written by Dave Erb