Don’t Delay These Toyota Repairs

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With busy schedules and tight budgets, some drivers are tempted to postpone needed repairs for their Toyotas. While this is fine for some things (the radio or cruise control, for instance), there are some repairs that should never be postponed. When your Toyota needs repairs, rely on the ASE certified technicians at Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Pflugerville, Texas. We service any kind of car, and we have lots of experience with your brand, too. Even better, as a member of the NAPA autocare network, we back our work with a nationwide 36-month/36,000 mile warranty. Our high standard of customer service and quality of workmanship has earned us several industry accolades. Bring your auto to us, and see what makes us exceptional.

You Shouldn't Wait to Make These Repairs

How do you know whether or not a repair can wait? The test is two-fold. If the problem poses a safety hazard, it can't wait. If the issue is likely to lead to greater, more expensive repairs, it shouldn't wait. Your tires, for example, are your car's connection with the road. Suppose the tread has worn too thin (below 2/32)--whether all over or in spots if you have uneven wear such as is caused by improper wheel alignment--you must replace your tires. If a tire has an injury that isn't safe to repair (cut or puncture in the sidewall), don't wait to replace it. Likewise, a damaged windshield is dangerous. If it's heavily cracked, you may struggle to see, or the windshield may not protect you as a structural component in an accident.

Brakes, too, are critical to your safety. Have them checked on a regular schedule, and let us repair them if you notice problems sooner. Although it's not an immediate safety concern, you shouldn't ignore the need for oil changes. Since motor oil lubricates the moving metal parts, removes some of the friction heat from the engine, and suspends dirt to hold it away from the components it can damage, allowing it to age beyond its useful life will eventually lead to the formation of sludge and could damage your car. Finally, your Toyota is designed to tell you what it needs. If something illuminates on the dashboard warning panel, seek repairs before the issue causes additional problems.

Common Toyota Repairs

Toyotas are very reliable cars and typically last a long time. However, there have been reports of transmission trouble, electrical shorts, excessive oil use, air conditioner malfunctions, and water pump failure in some models. Regardless of what your Toyota needs, Dave's Ultimate Automotive is equipped to help you with preventive maintenance services to head off problems or make repairs if something has already gone wrong.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive