Considering Buying A Hybrid? Here’s What You Need To Know

What You Need to Know About Buying a Hybrid

What is a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars run on a combination of internal combustion–gasoline powered–engines and electric–battery powered–engines. Sometimes the vehicle runs on the electric engine, others on the internal combustion engine, and sometimes both engines work together. There are several types of hybrid vehicles including those mentioned above, those which fall more closely to the electric vehicle than the gas-powered vehicle, and those which use the hybrid engines to extend the range of the electric engines. If you’re considering buying a hybrid vehicle, you might want to talk to a hybrid certified repair technician like those found at the South Austin, TX, location of Dave’s Ultimate Automotive.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Hybrid Vehicle

The first and likely most common pro of buying a hybrid vehicle is increased fuel efficiency. The problem with this particular pro is that it depends on your driving habits and environment. If you drive on the highway, you may not notice as dramatic an improvement in your fuel efficiency because that fuel efficiency boost is most noticeable when you drive in stop and go traffic. Generally, hybrids are considered to be more green than other vehicles since they tend not to use as much fossil fuel as a gas-powered vehicle does. Many states offer tax write offs for those who buy hybrid vehicles, improving the value of your investment from the moment of purchase. This can be especially helpful since often hybrid vehicles carry a higher initial investment than internal combustion engine vehicles do.

What Can We Do For You?

The hybrid certified repair technicians at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive are here to help you choose the right hybrid vehicle for your needs and budget, as well as to offer any and all hybrid repair and maintenance services your new vehicle will need. Feel free to give us a call during business hours to ask our team any questions you have regarding choosing a hybrid vehicle, or having repair or maintenance services performed. Or, if you prefer to speak to the team in person, stop by the South Austin, TX, shop to speak to the team in person. We look forward to being your hybrid vehicle experts.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive