Common Lexus Repairs

Reported Lexus Problems

Are you thinking about purchasing a Lexus? There’s no denying the luxurious style and incredible performance of these vehicles, but it’s also important to know about their weak points before purchasing. Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in North Austin, Texas is here to help you see the possible repair needs of your Lexus.


Brand new Lexus cars come with a drivetrain warranty that covers any potential mechanical issues. This might not help vehicle owners who have passed the warranty window or purchase a used Lexus. Drivetrain problems are a common repair for these vehicles with automatic transmissions. Trouble codes from the check engine light frequently indicate transmission fluid problems and slipping components.

Oil Leaks

Another common problem we see with all Lexus models is oil leaking from the timing chain cover. While this likely won’t be an issue until the vehicle has approached higher mileage, it can be a costly repair. Servicing the gaskets on your vehicle regularly can prevent this problem.

Water Leaking

When you get into your vehicle, you expect to be kept dry and comfortable from any of the weather going on outside. But some Lexus vehicles have leaky cabins. Repairing leaks is very costly, and likely occurs because of defects or damages around the sunroof. You can avoid the problem by getting the parts inspected as your vehicle ages.

Melting Dashboard

Some Lexus owners experienced a particularly concerning problem during warm summer months. Their dashboards were literally melting! Lexus offered to repair and replace defective dashboards at no cost to vehicle owners. It might be a good idea to check if your used Lexus has already had this done.

Don’t let these repairs scare you away from purchasing a Lexus vehicle! They are still great vehicles that retain their value well and can sustain great performance and quality with the right maintenance. Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in North Austin, Texas can help you keep your Lexus vehicle in top condition with preventative maintenance services. You might never experience these common problems if you take good care of your vehicle!

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive