Common Land Rover Problems

Tough Tank Or Troubled Transportation?: Common Land Rover Problems -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Since the first Land Rover (called Series I) was introduced in 1948 at an auto show in Amsterdam, it has been known as the chosen transportation for many who want to reach rugged locations. It’s also for some who prefer a less traditional vehicle. The first models were indeed unusual, featuring a steering wheel in the middle (in the spirit of World War II-era Jeeps) and qualifying as the first "monster truck" (a 1950's model with reinforced axles and tractor tires, designed to navigate swampy areas). Whether your Land Rover is one of these original pioneers or more likely one of the more modern models designed for street use, Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Cedar Park, Texas, has you covered for all your service and repair needs, offering more services than anyone.

Overall Land Rover Reliability

Early generation Land Rovers were essentially little tanks that rolled on tires. They were tough, able to take on wetlands, safaris, farms, and family dogs. Therefore, they were known for their reliability. In more recent years, however, the brand's reliability rating has plummeted. Multiple sources that release breakdown metrics annually report similar results. The Land Rovers made through the early years of this century broke down much less frequently than those made since approximately 2007. Some connoisseurs of the older models see the newer choices as more passenger cars and less all-purpose hauler and work partner because of the reduction in ruggedness and reliability.


Commonly Reported Issues

Given this description, perhaps you're wondering which issues are most commonly reported. General to the manufacturer, owners, indicate airbag issues where wiring breaks due to a misalignment between the steering column and air bag springs. Also, there are known durability problems with the air suspension. It's intended to improve ride quality, but the components begin to sag over time, leading to a failing suspension system and costly repairs. Electrical problems and oil leaks are also noted. Steering shaft malfunctions can cause noises when you turn, and the parking brake requires adjustment because it loses its alignment over time (as will likely be indicated by a screeching noise if you engage the parking brake).

Specific to certain models, the Evoque has had ten recalls (fuel system, electrical issues, and engine) since 2015. While the Sport's reliability rating has improved some, it has shown its share of suspension and technology (navigation, media, displays, sensors) bugs. More than half of Range Rover owners experienced issues within the first three years of ownership (suspension and electrical, in particular), and the Discovery has been plagued by leaks and failing air springs. Regardless of your model or its issue, entrust all your repairs to Dave's Ultimate Automotive.

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