Common Issues with BMWs

BMW: A Great Car Line with a Few Frequently Reported Repairs

If you're already sporting a luxurious BMW or have your eye on one until the day you can bring it home, you know that this make of car is spectacular. The staff at Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Pflugerville, Texas, shares your passion for vehicles, so we specialize in helping owners and drivers like you keep their cars in prime condition. Our certified technicians are recognized among their peers as industry leaders, so you can feel assured that they have the knowledge and expertise your BMW needs. In fact, we back our work with a nationwide 36-month/36,000 mile warranty. That's good because as fabulous as BMWs are, they do have a few frequently reported repairs. We'll help you get past those pesky issues so you can get back to enjoying your ride.

Most Frequently Reported Repairs

All manufacturers have a few things that are reported at a higher than expected rate, so you should still recognize the value and reliability of your BMW. Just be mindful, however, of the known issues so that you can take care of them. For example, if your automobile has 19-inch alloy wheels, watch for cracking. If this occurs, the fissure can begin to spread apart, allowing the jagged edge to puncture your tire. Another problem, according to some owners, is electrical issues. These can impact other components such as the control mechanism for your windshield wipers or power mirrors. The problem may even extend into the locking and security system. Some drivers have experienced difficulty locking or unlocking doors using the remote. Other common repairs are likely no more than a product of normal wear and tear. For instance, mechanics sometimes have to replace clutches, ignition modules, and fuel injectors. While it may seem like a big deal when it's your automobile, these are typical repairs regardless of make. Specific to certain models, the E46 presents a greater number of failures than expected with the window regulator. Windows won't operate or are slow to raise and lower, necessitating replacement of broken window clips. BMW 3 owners have often reported a steering wheel vibration that occurs during braking. This usually happens after the 75,000 mile mark. A thrust arm bushing is the likely culprit.

BMW Services and Repairs for Your Automobile

As you probably already recognize, a solid preventive maintenance plan can help you avoid a number of problems. Timely repair is also beneficial because it provides opportunity to prevent a small issue escalating into a larger one. No matter what you need for your BMW, Dave's Ultimate Automotive is here to help you.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive