Common BMW Electrical Problems

Should I Be Aware Of Any Common Electrical Problems In My BMW? -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

If you own a BMW, you probably already know how great it is. This brand is known for its style, luxury, and performance, viewed by many car enthusiasts as a real jewel. As with any make and model auto, you need to monitor your car for potential issues so that you can head them off if possible before they become greater, more costly problems. Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Pflugerville, Texas, is here to help you do just that. We service all makes and models, but we have extensive experience with BMWs. We offer any mechanical service you need, offering a generous 36-month/36,000 mile nationwide warranty through the NAPA autocare network.

Common Vehicle Electrical Problems

One category of issues that may occur in your auto is electrical problems. One culprit might be your car's spark plugs. These generate the electrical spark needed to ignite the gas-air mixture compressed in the cylinders during combustion. If the spark plugs are aging, your engine may not fire properly, causing your car to run roughly or not at all. Another frequently observed problem is a bad battery. Your vehicle's battery serves two major functions. First, it provides the power needed to start your car. Second, it provides energy to lights and accessory items such as the radio when the engine isn't running. If the battery drains below a certain point, there isn't enough power to crank the car. Also, if the battery has a broken cell or ages beyond its useful life, it may not hold a charge well. As a related issue, the alternator may give out. This component powers accessories and lights while the engine is on and charges the battery so that it is ready for its next use. If the alternator is bad, it cannot power anything, causing lights and accessories to rely on the battery, quickly draining it. It cannot recharge the battery. The result is a car that cannot crank and operate.

Reports Specific to BMW

As awesome as BMWs are, there are a few problems that appear to be reported often, and several of them are electrical. (Note: This typically happens with all manufacturers. Nearly every model has "something." This is not intended as reflective upon the brand as a whole.) These include electronic components that blow fuses, trouble with automatic headlights, and power windows that give trouble raising and lowering. Dead batteries have also been reported. However, the most concerning complaint references sudden, unexpected car fires, most caused by water leaking onto electronic modules, ruining them. If you have these or other concerns about your BMW, bring it to Dave's Ultimate Automotive.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive