BMW: The Things You Might Not Know

BMW Repair Made Interesting

If you drive a BMW, you already know that it's a great car. After all, that's why you chose it. These vehicles are known for luxury, style, and performance. You also understand the need for preventive maintenance services and repairs to keep your automobile running at its best. For that mechanical checklist, count on Dave's Ultimate Automotive in North Austin, Texas. Our team and shop are recognized by major organizations such as AAA Texas, NAPA AutoCare Network, the Austin Chamber of Commerce, and Angie's List. Come experience our award-winning service for yourself. You and your beloved BMW will be glad you did.

You Might Be Surprised to Learn

Although you likely know a lot about your BMW, there is a bit of company history you might find interesting. You might be surprised to learn that:

Cars weren't the company's first product. BMW actually started producing airplane engines after opening in 1916. Most were used in planes flown by the Germans in the First World War, and they were actually quite good. The company set an altitude record in that era. Do you recall hearing about the Red Baron? He wanted to fly a plane with one of these power plants, too.

The company logo and name pay tribute to Bavaria. Company executives wanted to honor the area where the firm got its start. Therefore, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works), and the iconic blue and white checkered logo is a nod to the Bavarian flag.

Ground transportation was an afterthought for BMW. The first motorcycle engine roared to life in 1919, and the initial motorcycle hit the road in 1923, quickly gaining popularity. Cars? They didn't come along until 1928! In fact, the manufacturer would never have produced cars had it not been for the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I. In that agreement, Germany eliminated its Air Force, and German companies were not allowed to build planes. The company began providing replacement parts to American Jeep owners and built engines for other companies just to stay afloat, eventually moving into production of its own auto line.

BMW remains a company "ahead of its time." An architectural feat, the company's headquarters looks a bit like the famed 4-cylinder engine. For the record, even those older engines were race worthy. While a number of manufacturers are just now exploring electric options, BMW's experience with electric cars began in 1972.

We Want You to Know

While all those facts are great to learn, the team at Dave's Ultimate Automotive wants you to know that you have a trusted partner for all your BMW repair needs. We can help you with the BMW I and II preventive maintenance visits, minor repairs as small issues arise, or even major problems. What's more, we've built a reputation for integrity and back our work with a 36-month/36,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive