BMW Oil Leaks

Is This Normal?: Oil Leaks In Your BMW -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Maybe you've heard that BMWs tend to leak oil more than other cars. While there is a measure of truth for some models, it's also accurate that many autos leak at some point as they age. More importantly, as long as you're mindful of the possibility, you can monitor for leaks and make timely repairs to stay ahead of the problem. Further, you don't have to go it alone. Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Central Austin, Texas, can help you with all your preventive maintenance service and repair needs. We work on all makes and models, and our ASE-certified technicians have tons of experience with BMWs like yours. Equally important, we back our work with a nationwide 36-month/36,000 mile warranty through the NAPA autocare network.

Why does this happen?

It's a normal question. Why does this happen to BMWs? Although the BMW is a fabulous brand, like any make, it has a kink or two. The area between the oil filter housing and the rubber gasket can become misaligned over time. The resulting space that opens can allow the oil to escape. As with all vehicles, the most commonplace for leaks to develop as the car and its components age is around the seals and gaskets. Heat, pressure, and age can cause these parts to harden and shrink, losing their ability to prevent lubricant from seeping out.

Reminder: Your Car Needs Its Oil

While it may be tempting to ignore an oil leak (particularly if it appears to be small or you take the mental approach that this is something "normal" for a BMW), remember that maintaining a sufficient supply of clean lubricant is vital to your auto's health. Motor oil coats the moving metal engine parts, preventing the friction from becoming so great that metal shavings sluff off, damaging both the individual parts and the engine as a whole. Also, the oil absorbs and removes a great deal of heat, preventing warping. Finally, it suspends the dirt, keeping it away from the parts it can damage. If your car is continuously losing oil, it may not have enough lubricant to carry out these critical functions effectively. That could cause serious damage or maybe even engine failure over time.

Potential Warning Signs of Oil Leakage

Now that you know why your car leaks and why it's crucial to stop the loss, how will you know if your BMW is losing oil? Of course, there's the nasty tell-tale dark spot in your parking spot. Also, a burning greasy smell as you're driving may be a giveaway. Finally, you may have to top off the oil frequently. Regardless of the symptom, have it repaired at Dave's Ultimate Automotive.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive