BMW Inspection I and II

What Routine Maintenance Services Does My BMW need? -- Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Perhaps you're wondering how to best maintain your lovely, stylish BMW. As with any brand, regular preventive maintenance is important to keeping your vehicle running its best for a long time. It helps keep your transportation reliable and your investment protected. Whether you're a seasoned BMW owner or new to this make and looking for a little help in understanding the service schedule, Dave's Ultimate Automotive in North Austin, Texas, is here for you. Our ASE certified technicians take care of all manufacturer's models, and they are well versed in all things BMW. We can also help you save a little money. Be sure to check out our specials tab.

Scheduled Service I

For BMWs made after 2005, the manufacturer recommends Inspection I service at 20,000 miles. For year models 2005 and earlier, Service I is needed at 30,000. This first major set of service points is organized by category, including electrical and body elements, undercarriage components, and engine compartment. The battery, lights, seatbelts, mirrors, airbags, and similar parts are included in the body/electrical inspection. While you'll need an oil change before 20,000 miles, the oil and filter will again be refreshed with the undercarriage inspection. (For those oil changes between major service marks, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your owner's manual, or ask us for help determining a schedule if you drive under strenuous conditions.) Tires, the exhaust system, and brakes are also part of the Service I service set. Your technician will check for trouble codes using the OBD-II reader, check and top off fluids such as wiper fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant while going through the engine compartment.

Scheduled Service II

Once your vehicle reaches Inspection II, recommended at 40,000 miles, the service points from Inspection I are repeated. Additional and more extensive services are performed, as well. These include changing the spark plugs, replacing the air and fuel filters, and exchanging the differential oil. Additionally, the technician will check frequently forgotten components such as the parking brake lining and flexible boots (which can develop leaks over time). The mechanic will also alert you to any observed rust or body issues that you might need to discuss with the manufacturer if your auto is still under warranty (or a body shop if it's not).

Assistance for You and Your Car

The dual sets of BMW services are meant to keep your vehicle operating optimally, not confuse or scare you. However, the multiple tasks involved can be concerning for drivers who feel comfortable behind the wheel but not under the hood. If that's you, don't sweat Inspections I and II. Instead, bring your BMW to Dave's Ultimate Automotive for outstanding mechanical and customer service.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive