8 Interesting Facts About Honda

Did You Know?

Do you own a Honda vehicle or are you looking to purchase one? These facts about the manufacturer might be interesting to know!

  • Honda Originally Manufactured Bicycles
  • After the World Wars, Soichiro Honda and a team of a dozen men created engines that were fitted to bikes. By 1964, they had become the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Their famous Gold Wing was introduced in 1974 and has been in production for over 40 years.

  • The Accord Was the First Foreign Vehicle Made in the US
  • In 1982, the Honda Accord became the first car from a foreign manufacturer to be made in the U.S., specifically at Honda’s plant in Marysville, Ohio.

  • Honda Makes More Than Cars & Bikes
  • Although Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world, (over 14 million engines made each year), they are known for things other than cars and bikes. They also manufacturer watercrafts, ATVs, mountain bikes, lawn equipment, and solar cells. Their team has even developed a robot called ASIMO and a private jet aircraft.

  • Honda Has Dominated the Indy 500
  • Honda’s engines have won more Indy 500 races than any other brand.

  • Honda Made the First Four-Wheel Drive Car
  • The 1987 Honda Prelude was the first of its kind -- the first four-wheel drive car ever produced and sold.

  • The CR-V Was Made to Picnic!
  • Every Honda CR-V made between 1997 and 2006 featured a foldable, plastic picnic table under the cargo area. Perfect for on-the-go mealtimes!

  • A 1997 Honda Accord Drove over One Million Miles
  • Owner Joe Cicero of Maine drove his 1997 Honda Accord one million miles with the original engine and transmission! He reached the milestone in 2011 and was awarded with a parade and a brand new 2012 Accord.

  • The First Honda Civic Got 40 MPG
  • Introduced in 1973 after the oil crisis, the Honda Civic got an astonishing 40 mpg on the highway. Today, it’s still one of the best value and fuel-efficient options on the market.

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Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive