Cedar Park, TX Turns 40! Celebrate With These 6 Interesting Cedar Park Facts

At Dave’s Ultimate Automotive, we’re proud to serve top quality auto repair to Cedar Park residents. We thought it would be a great time to take a look back at Cedar Park’s history as they celebrate their 40th year of incorporation! While there isn’t a whole lot of history on auto repair in Cedar Park, we thought these little-known facts were just as interesting, and may help you impress your friends or family next time you’re at the dinner table. Cedar Park
1.   Before being named Cedar Park in 1887, the town was known as Brueggerhoff, named after a railroad official. The name was changed because residents believed it was too difficult to spell and pronounce. 2.   In 1983, the Texas Highway Department uncovered the burial site of a woman, dating back to more than 10,000 years ago. The remains are one of the most complete and oldest examples of a human skeleton in North America. The woman was later named, “The Leanderthal Lady,” given the grave’s proximity to the city of Leander. 3.   The city’s first library was founded in 1980, in the building of a former old laundry mat. The library was later moved to larger, modernized building down the road to better suit residents’ needs. 4.   Cedar Park’s Volunteer Fire Department was established 1972. Their first fire truck was a used Air Force crash truck, purchased for the unique (and seemingly unlucky) price of $1,313.13 at auction. 5.   Before the arrival of the European settlers, the area was inhabited by several native American tribes including Tonkawa, Lipan Apache, and Comanche. 6.   Cedar Park is home to more than 750 caves and miles of hiking trails. During the annual “Cave Day” hosted by Cedar Park and the Texas Cave Conservancy, residents are invited to come explore the caves and learn how to further protect their animal inhabitants.

From all of us here at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive, we’d like to say:

Congratulations Cedar Park on your 40th year as a city!

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Written by Dave Erb