5 Warning Signs of Possible Transmission Failure

How To Act When Your Transmission Shows These Signs

Your vehicle's transmission is one of the most vital systems in the car. It is what enables the vehicle to move, and the fluid inside helps in the cooling, lubrication, and transmission of pressure and force. Unfortunately, as Dave's Ultimate Automotive in South Austin, Texas, knows, transmission repair is something that can happen to even the most dedicated vehicle owners. However, several warning signs can help an observant owner predict transmission problems. Therefore, pay attention to the following five warnings of a possible transmission failure.

1. Slippage

Have you experienced your car shifting for no reason? If so, then you may be dealing with a slipping transmission. If high RPMs or acceleration delays accompany these sudden shifts, then the problem is more likely. While the slipping can be caused by low transmission fluid, it may also be caused by worn gears and bands, which is more dangerous.

2. Leaks

The transmission should never leak because it is sealed. However, if you notice a red, brown or black spot under your car, you may have a leak. If the fluid is dark in color, then it suggests the engine is running too hot and should be inspected soon. Delaying an inspection is one of the leading causes of complete transmission failure.

3. Rough Shifting

Another common sign of transmission failure is rough shifting. If it seems that your car doesn't want to change gears, or if you hear noises while changing gears, then you may be on the verge of transmission failure. If hard or rough shifting is occurring in combination with acceleration issues, then you should get your car to the shop for an inspection.

4. Strange Noises

While some noises seem to be only detectable by trained mechanics, a failing transmission does not require such specialized hearing. Transmission trouble is often accompanied by humming, buzzing, or whining noises.

5. Warning Light

Last, don't ignore the check engine or service engine soon lights. Too many vehicle owners end up with significant engine trouble because they ignore the blinking signs on their dash. Anytime you see these engine lights illuminate, take your car in for a diagnostic check. The transmission is responsible for the motion of your vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to keep it operating at peak performance. The mechanics at Dave's Ultimate Automotive are ready to inspect and fix your car. Call and schedule an appointment for any transmission worries.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive