5 Toyota Fun Facts

Things To Know About Your Vehicle

Toyota is one automaker that has become a worldwide sensation due in part to its sleek designs and reliable vehicles. As an 80-year-old manufacturer, it has an interesting history that even die-hard fans of the brand may not be aware of. Are you ready to learn some fascinating tidbits from Toyota's history? Here are five exciting facts about Toyota Motor Corporation from Dave's Ultimate Automotive in South Austin, Texas, to add some wonder to every car enthusiast's day.

1. The Company Partially Owns Other Brands

Did you know that Toyota is a partial owner of several other major car companies? Some examples include Subaru, Lexus, and Scion.

2. Toyota Has Broken Several Sale Records

Toyota recently earned more than $260 billion in one year. This astounding amount tops both Nissan and Honda, two of its strongest competitors. The popular Toyota Corolla has even sold over 40 million units across the world.

3. The Toyota History is Long

The manufacturer's first civilian cars hit the market in 1947, but the first-ever Toyota vehicle was released in 1937. It was designed specifically for war purposes.

4. The Brand Name Was Originally Toyoda

Since the Toyota brand - originally a maker of automatic power looms - was created by Sakichi Toyoda of Japan, it was natural for the company name to be spelled the same way. Though Toyoda was considered to be good luck, the change was made to appeal to audiences worldwide as the company expanded. Toyoda's exact definition is "fertile rice paddies" in Japanese.

5. The Toyoda Family is Still in Charge

Despite its massive growth, every CEO at Toyota to this day has been a descendant of Sakichi Toyoda, and the company is still headquartered in Japan in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. The current CEO is Akio Toyoda. Do you need quality Toyota repair for your vehicle? We're here to help. We work on all makes and models - Toyota is no exception. All of our mechanics are ASE certified and are dedicated to continually updating their skills to serve you better. We even offer free brake checks, code checks, alignment, and more - schedule your service appointment with our team today!

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive