5 Interesting Things About Toyota

Did You Know?

If you are looking for a Toyota repair shop in Central Austin, Texas, then Dave's Ultimate Automotive is your shop. Not only do we understand your vehicle, but we also have a strong appreciation for Toyota as a brand. How much do you know about the company that made your car? Check out these interesting facts about Toyota, and find out why we love this auto manufacturer.

1. It is Green

Toyota has built an incredible reputation over the years for the company's green initiatives. The development of the Prius in the mid-2000s helped to solidify that reputation. However, they have also pushed the bounds in designs and manufacturing, leading to the company's recognition in the industry as a Global Green Brand.

2. It Creates Jobs

Despite being a Japanese company, Toyota is invested in domestic production and job creation in the United States. Many of the parts used to make pickup trucks and sedans are created in several American plants. The company has created over 365,000 factory jobs. However, they have also contributed to the development of nearly 30,000 more jobs through dealerships, franchises, repair shops, and accessory stores.

3. It Still Has Family Roots

People often trust mom and pop stores because they are family-owned and operated, and having legacy tied to that creates integrity. While Toyota is a massive and global enterprise, the company's CEOs have always been descendants of the original creator and family.

4. It is Behind Some Great Brands

Toyota is famous in its own right, but the company is also behind some of the most reliable and favored brands available today. For example, did you know that Toyota is a partial owner in Scion, Subaru, and Lexus? This brand obviously knows quality.

5. It is Reliable

Beyond building quality vehicles, Toyota is a powerhouse when it comes to production and sales. The company is constantly outperforming predictions and breaking records, making it one of the most reliable vehicle manufacturers in the industry.

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Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive