Tips For Choosing Your Next Vehicle Battery

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Next Vehicle Battery

Size Matters

When you’re considering your next vehicle battery, there are many things you need to consider. The size of the battery is one of those things. Not only does the battery need to be the right electrical size–ie voltage–it needs to physically fit into the space set aside in your engine compartment. The terminal placements for the battery have to be in the right place as well for the battery to work for your vehicle. Rather than guessing which battery is best for your vehicle, it’s best to bring your vehicle to a battery replacement and auto repair shop like Dave’s Ultimate Automotive in Round Rock, TX. Their certified technicians will be happy to help you find the right size battery for your vehicle.

Quality, Brand and Age

Not only will a certified auto repair technician be able to help you find the right size battery for your vehicle, their knowledge of your vehicle’s needs, and understanding of the importance of quality, brand and age of the battery will help them point you toward the perfect battery for your vehicle and lifestyle needs. Usually, you want a battery that’s no older than six months, something that can be confirmed by reviewing the made on date included on most vehicle batteries. Your mechanic will be able to share their feelings about brands of batteries and help you choose what fits your needs and your budget. They can also point you toward brands with the best longevity and warranty. You want the battery with the longest life and best warranty so you don’t have to replace your batteries more often than absolutely necessary.

We’ve Got You Covered

The Dave’s Ultimate Automotive team has your vehicle battery needs covered. Our certified technicians are ready to recommend the brand, size, warranty which best meets your vehicle’s power needs. Give us a call today to make an appointment to have your battery tested or stop by our Round Rock, TX, shop to speak to the team in person. You’ll be glad you did.

Written by Dave's Ultimate Automotive