Spring Cleaning Your Car

The weather’s warming up, so lets start spring cleaning!

Spring has sprung and it's time to get out and enjoy the warmer sunshine and the blossoming plants, and what better way to get some fresh air while also being productive than cleaning your car! Our cars can get a bit messy during the chillier months because we don't want to spend much time out in the cold keeping up with cleaning, so this time of year our cars could really use some TLC. Here are a few tips on what you can do at home to clean out your ride!

spring car cleaning

Give it a good vacuum.

Over time, no matter how clean you try to be, dust and other things will build up in your car. You can use either a hand-held vacuum specifically for cars or really any vacuum you may have in your home. When vacuuming, make sure to get hard to see spots like under your seats. This will also help you find any trash or lost items that may have made their way under there.

Wipe down the surfaces.

Wipe and vacuum up any dust that may have settled on your vinyl surfaces. Sometimes dirt can get embedded in the texture or cracks of your vinyl, so you should use a toothbrush and a cleaning solution to scrub it out. You can make a simple cleaning solution out of diluted dish soap and water if you don't have any vinyl cleaner at home.

Clean the inside of your windows.

You'd be surprised at how much a simple windshield sweep can improve your vision, especially for night driving. Use a glass cleaner and paper towels to get the best effect and the cleanest window. If you have kids or pets in the car, you probably have smudges on your back windows so go ahead and wipe those down too.

Spray off any salt.

If it got cold enough this winter for ice to form on the roads, chances are your vehicle came across some salt on the roads. If this is left on your car, it can do serious damage over time. You can take your water hose and wash off any salt you see, make sure to pay attention to the underbody of your car because it's most likely to have hidden salt. If you feel like you can't get the tight hidden spots then take your car to a wash with an underbody spray. Salt will basically decompose the metal components of your car and eat away at the body! Clean it off as soon as you can.

Taking your car will really pay off after a while, especially if you decide you want to sell it and get a new one someday. Cars that have been cleaned and taken care of throughout ownership have a much higher resale value. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air by spring cleaning your car!

Written by Dave Erb